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Application Programming Interface (API) – Programming rules to create an interface between different software programs or services that allows them to interact. Auto dialer, Autodialler, or Automatic Calling Unit (ACU) – Software to automatically dial telephone numbers.Autodialers can use predictive dialing algorithms to detect whether an answering machine or a human voice answers the call.Call centers around the world are experiencing a growth in technologies that are bringing advancement and innovation to the industry.Terms such as “Data Mining” are starting to be more common-place within the industry and our terminology page can assist you in becoming familiar with other words or phrases that are necessary to have a successful call center Abandoned Call or Contact – A call or contact that is terminated by the person originating the call before any conversation happens.Outbound Call Center monitoring software: monitor Telecaller performance!Use Tentacles features such as LIVE Call Recordings, LIVE Call Reports to analyze, improve and train your team!

Let us follow up with indecisive prospects and appointment scheduling so you can focus on your core business.

Our solutions centralize your sales and marketing services so whether you have one property or many, your leads and referrals will get a consistent message.

We also implement call centers to handle resident requests, maintenance requests, and other property management functions.

AHT (Average Handle Time) – The amount of time an agent spends with a call, or transaction time plus wrap-up time.

ANI (Automatic Number Identification) – The telephone number of a caller.