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I got this cute 18 year old coming in for an audition.Its been a while since we had a young girl here and I am anxious to see her naked.Porn sites are some of the most visited places on the Internet, but many of them lack a basic security feature long used to keep everything from your online banking to your email safe from prying eyes. Last week, privacy advocates at the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), an adult entertainment trade group, announced a partnership to help porn sites automatically secure Web traffic.The technology at the heart of the issue is called HTTPS.The group also will work with sites to help them figure out how to deploy the technology.Porn and news sites are one of the last categories of sites not to have the technology.This AVS (Adult Video Script) Mod currently integrates Video Whisper Video Conference , Video Recorder , Live Streaming and Video Messenger (AVS2 ).Latest version is for AVS 3.3 but there are older versions for AVS 2, AVS 1.3. These plugins extend the video sharing communities with features that really make the difference and just leave other competitors way behind.

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It’s a security measure, usually identified by a lock in the URL bar, that creates a sort of digital tunnel between you and a website — and may someday lead an industry standard.

If a porn site has HTTPS automatically enabled across all its pages, then someone watching your connection will know which site you're on but won’t be able to spy on your searches or see which videos you view.

What's more, they aren't available from the Play Store itself. Pornhub is one of the largest sources of pornography on the internet, with thousands of videos to suit any and all tastes.

The Pornhub app basically puts the website on your Android phone, and it's a well-designed and professional looking app.