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I could be one of those guys that goes to galleries. It's about following my heart, my interests and my passions.Rather than guess what someone else was looking for and try to be that, I needed to have faith that who I am and want in life is awesome and worth it and that trusting my gut will lead me to the kind of guy I deserve.Smh.” That was followed by, “I’m done with social media until further notice…I’ve lost faith in human decency and I will not feed the trolls any longer.“I owe Mary my solo career and she can have it,” he told Hip Hop DX.“I owe her, because that’s what really put me over the top and set me apart from everybody that year when that was out, you know?The song samples Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “You’re All I Need To Get By.” RZA crafted the original production, and Puff Daddy helped put together the remix.Looking back, Meth says Mary’s decision to accompany him on the seminal Hip Hop love song made all the difference.

, during which her ex-boyfriend accused her of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan.Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man furiously quit social media after a private photo of him and his wife leaked onto Twitter.The hip-hop superstar has previously been shown to be private about his personal life.I also realized that I needed to re-think my criteria for that 100% guy, especially when it came to the "just dating" phase. was only seeing a guy if I thought he might be the complete 100% package and that clearly wasn't working, this time I was going to try something different and date multiple people.It's ridiculous to expect ONE guy to be ALL the things I need in a life partner—especially on the first date! And maybe until I found that 100% person, I could find what I needed from several guys who fit 20% of my criteria and at the same time stay open to the possibility that my definition of the perfect guy and my checklist might grow and change as I did. I re-downloaded my dating apps, went on tons of dates, all while making sure to save one day a week for just me and my friends. The guys I was interested in and with whom I was most compatible starting separating themselves out into predictable categories—five of them, to be exact.