Matt smith and alex kingston dating

All kudos and comments are welcome, encouraged even! Alex shifted and tried to will herself back to sleep, secure in Matt's sleepy yet possessive embrace and smiling to herself at the warm feeling of him pressed against her back.But sleep seemed to be off the table for the moment because the second she moved a muscle, there it was again.Another moan pressed into her neck, and this time it sent a shiver down her spine.His hips gave a small but pointed thrust against her arse and his breath against her skin was quick and ragged as, once again, he let slip another needy moan.When a crashed spaceship calls upon him for help, he finds himself recruited into River Song’s squad and hurled into a fast and frantic chase across the galaxy.River doesn’t know he’s the Doctor when they meet, which, Kingston says, went “hand in hand” with the fact she didn’t know what to expect from Capaldi, as she hadn’t been watching the series since her departure.He’d got wind of the fact she was to reappear as the Doctor’s wife River Song, this time opposite Peter Capaldi’s incarnation.“I’m really possessive over Alex,” Smith had told a Comic Con audience previously – but evidently showrunner Steven Moffat wasn’t listening, as the Christmas Day special will see Kingston star alongside Smith’s successor.

In the special, it’s Christmas Day on a remote human colony and the Doctor is hiding.

ALEX KINGSTON made her name in ER and won new fans in Doctor Who.

The actress talks to Elaine Lipworth about her gritty new crime series and dramas off-screen – divorce, IVF and the pressure to go under the knife Alex Kingston is nursing a hangover when we meet for breakfast in New York. There are protestations that she looks a mess, accompanied by an amused glance down at her Nikes (‘I walked across Central Park,’ she explains).

This is one part of a series I'm developing, back to front, just like Eleven and River!

To see how it all started, read my story "Birthday Boy", and also a holiday fic "Hope for the Holidays"!