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lonnie rashid lynn, better known by his stage name common, is an american hip hop recording artist and actor from chicago, illinois.

Tony is the quintessential 'Queen' of the school, doing everything he can to keep Harm out of said trouble. On a cold and rainy night, Tony decides to head over to Gibbs' basement, the power goes out, the basement door breaks, and their only form of entertainment is talking, but how much is Tony willing to reveal? Gibbs has betrayed Tony's trust, and risks losing his Senior Field Agent.

(Warnings for mild Ziva bashing, rape / non-con early in the story, and non sexual age play later in the story.)A broken engagement, a new relationship brought to light. Jethro, Tony, Clay, and Victor all have their own role in helping AJ and Harm survive their relationship.

When Gibbs finds a young boy in the park, protective instincts automatically kick into high-gear.

It’s become one of my favorite songs of all-time, Hillsong-inspired or otherwise. Despite some recent gains and victories, I’ve been more used to failure and struggle; popularity and success still seem like such foreign concepts.

Indeed, “Oceans” has The first time I heard “Oceans,” I thought she was Brooke Fraser (“Hosanna,” “Lead Me to the Cross”). I look at Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber and the “Kony 2012” guy and even the Flappy Bird developer, and I wonder: do I want such widespread success? I know how easily I can get overwhelmed; without solid people in my life, mammoth success could quite easily cripple me.