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Lord Kelvin and Clarence King calculated the length of time required for the Earth to cool from a white-hot liquid state; they eventually settled on 24 million years.James Joly calculated that the Earth’s age was 89 million years on the basis of the time required for salt to accumulate in the oceans.But other physicists, including Darwin’s son, supported the theory, placing the age between 20 and 40 million years.However, the calculations were faulty because they didn’t take account heat produced via radioactive decay, a process then unknown to science.Since the formation of Earth, several geological changes have occurred, accompanied by the emergence of life and the process of evolution. Early calculations by William Thomson placed the age of the Earth to at most 400 million years old.

All mythologies have their own creation myths, while some Ancient thinkers like Aristotle thought our planet was eternal.He correctly assumed that the Earth formed as a completely molten object and tried to determine the amount of time it would take to cool down to the current temperature.Biologists and geologists had a very hard time accepting this theory – for both of the fields, the time was too short to be plausible.Thus, the age of the Earth is approximately one-third of the age of the universe.The accretion of the Earth may have begun soon after calcium-aluminum-rich inclusion was formed.