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While the medical outlook for those living with HIV is better than ever before, it’s a sad fact that the stigma and prejudice surrounding those with the virus remains stuck years behind the science, meaning navigating the already tricky world of love and sex can often turn into an ordeal.After receiving one-too-many abusive messages on the popular dating apps of today, Andrew Goyvaerts decided to tackle the problem with the world’s first dating app for people living with HIV, both gay and straight.Find out which of the best dating sites could work best for you!A dating service for HIV-positive people in Zimbabwe has made a successful start with its first couples having been matched up.The rejection was tough to take but that experience motivated the idea to create Poz,” he said.The idea for the app was two years in development before it launched in late March and has since attracted more than 3,500 active users in Ireland, the UK and USA.In Ireland, 7,353 people have been diagnosed with HIV since the early 1980's according to the most recent report on HIV in Ireland issued by the HPSC.

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I was getting derogatory messages and abuse from people who I hadn’t even messaged and people I didn’t even have an interest in.I knew something about HIV from the magazines and GMFA flyers, and that if somebody came inside you that was a big risk.But I wasn’t absolutely clear about other methods of transmission.Before you join an HIV dating site, you should compare these dating sites and choose one which one is more suitable for you to join.Our reviews can show you what each dating service offers, so that you can discover a great dating site quickly and easily.