Best way to end dating someone

If you're not ready for a committed relationship with someone, then let them know.No one likes to be strung along, led on, breadcrumbed, cushioned, zombied, or whatever dating trend involves not being courageous enough to tell someone you love the truth.My husband and I were together for many years before we got married.During much of that time I was sure that he was eventually going to break up with me because he wanted to have children, and I didn't.He might have found happiness with another woman who wanted to have kids, or he might not have. If there's no reason to break up now, and you are being honest with each other, then relax and enjoy yourselves. Break up with your significant other with class and dignity.This might seem obvious, but how many times have you heard about a friend who’s ended a relationship only to change their mind and rekindle it a few weeks later?And how many times has that second attempt stayed the course?

On the other hand, if it’s because part of you feels that you can save the relationship then you should talk to your partner about your concerns, rather than just ending the relationship. It will be hurtful for them and you won’t be able to get across your true feelings about the relationship.There is no ‘good’ way to end a relationship, especially a long-term one.But there are ways to do it that cause minimal hurt to your partner – and yourself.To help you navigate the complex world of dating communication, here’s five common pitfalls and how to dodge them.You they read your message as soon as it came through, but it’s been more than three hours, and they’ve still not replied! Nobody likes to be kept waiting, but it’s particularly hard when you’re in the early stages of a relationship and you don’t know if silence is a bad sign. Not everybody has the same relationship with their phone.