Amy adams and matthew goode dating

In fact, there’s something Tiggerish about him, not only in the jangle-limbed way he moves – he’s 6ft 2in – but also in the way he is utterly confident in his ability to win people over, no matter what he says.

English actor Matthew Goode has skimmed the surface of that coveted Household Name status since he played Mandy Moore's strapping British love interest in 2004's , which centers around an American woman, Anna (Amy Adams), set to propose to her boyfriend in Ireland. You know, I don't tend to even go to the cinema that often. Up next, he takes the lead opposite Amy Adams’ as a captivating yet scorned Irish bloke in Anand Tucker’s rom-com, LEAP YEAR.Check out what Goode had to say about the film, acting, and WATCHMEN, during our one on one breakfast phone date last week.I recently saw a pre-release screening of the new movie Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.I was able to take a friend as well, and at the conclusion of the movie she looked at me with a satisfied smile and said, “That’s exactly the sort of movie I like.” It was a pretty standard feel-good romantic comedy. They perhaps bring money to the box office, and people will say that they were “sweet” or “funny” or “cute,” but rarely are they called “good films.” Isn’t one of the purposes of films to entertain people?